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About us

The history of our KrakowPlaces Blog dates back to 2014. At that time, I was a second-year student in Krakow, wondering where to go in this royal city, full of intriguing history and untypical hidden places.

When I started to Google it, to my disappointment, few propositions were found online. I could see only typical destinations, which I already knew. At this moment, I decided to create something brand-new on my own. The ultimate city guide with the most exciting places to see and go, visit, eat, drink, and feel!

Mariacki basilica by @dariasyma

That’s how @krakowplaces was established — the first such type of profile on Instagram. After that, similar accounts appeared and created a kind of competition. That was when I understood that colossal interest exists and people find it useful. KrakowPlaces has been receiving its followers at an unreal tempo!

Each morning, I checked and was surprised. Similarly, one weekend was enough to achieve +1K of Krakow city lovers joining you.

Now our community counts above 70 thousands of YOU, big enthusiasts of Krakow!

We are really excited and happy about that, so we decided to encourage you by creating a KrakowPlaces Blog with even more insights from the travel world. We hope you will enjoy reading it!

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Daria, @krakowplaces founder