5 spots with awesome ice-cream in Krakow

Not a long time ago we asked you which in your opinion are the best ice cream spots in Krakow. We have received a lot of recommendations, but most of all you mentioned the following 5 places.

Good Lood

Good Lood by @katiejanecollins

Most of you have voted mainly for this place. Long queues speak for themselves. Every day they have two different flavours with unusual combinations. You can collect stamps for free ice cream and other gifts through the application.

Address: 20 spots around the city, check the closest one.

Working hours: different, mostly 11 am – 9 pm

Instagram: @goodloodcom

Ice cream on Starowiślna street

Traditional ice cream with a long history. It is usually available in 5 flavours: vanilla, cocoa, dried fruit, strawberry and coffee.

Address: Starowiślna 83

Working hours: 9 am – 8 pm

Lodowa Huta

Lodowa Huta by @dariasyma

The ice cream spot in the Nowa Huta district offers ice cream in black waffles. They have a lot of ice cream specialities. For example, meringue with raspberry and coffee with rum. A scoop for 4 PLN.

Address: osiedle Centrum C 9

Working hours: 10 am – 8 pm. Please, be aware, that they are closed from November – to February.

Instagram: @lodowahuta


KrakowPlace with a Sicilian vibe! On the website, they provide some cool facts about gelato and its difference from ordinary ice cream. 30% is the maximum air content – that’s why gelato has a more creamy consistency. Besides that, -13 ° is the temperature of the serving, which gives gelato a rich and intense flavour.

Moreover, here you will try our favourite pistachio croissant and cannolo!

Address: Sienna 17, Sławkowska 19, Na Błonie 7C.

Working hours: depends, check the nearest one.

Instagram: @katane_gelatosiciliano


They use natural ingredients from Italy for ice cream production. Specialities include natural smurf, amaretto and carcade.

Address: Świętego Marka 23

Working hours: 11 am – 9 pm

Instagram: @lodziarnia_donizetti

Which more good spots with fabulous ice cream do you know in Krakow? Share locations and your favourite flavours with us on Instagram! Read also about The Most Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Krakow.