Where to eat Pączki on Fat Thursday?

Fat Thursday is coming – a traditional Polish celebration of doughnuts (Polish: “Tłusty Czwartek”). It is believed you have to eat as much pączki as you can, so the whole year will be full of luck and prosperity. The typical polish doughnut is not just baked with a hole we get used to, but a bit different pastry made according to the unique old recipe. Classically it goes with the rose jam feeling. However, the popular flavors are also egg liqueur Advocaat, pudding, dulce de leche (Polish: “kajmak”), chocolate, and strawberry.

We analyzed many spots with doughnuts in Krakow and concluded that absolutely must share them with you ☺️ Catch some places where you can try marvelous #pączki in Krakow:

St. Mary’s Basilica by @dariasyma

Pączkarnia Manufaktura

This KrakowPlace is located directly in the city center, so you can easily find it on Grodzka Street. They offer donuts of various shapes: oval, round, oblong, triangular, or braided. You can also order a coffee here.

Address: Grodzka 25

Working hours: every day 8 am – 9 pm.


Welcome to a modern bakery with quick service where you can also have a #breakfast. They prepare a big choice of sandwiches and salt & sweet pastries. Every day the cafe offers up to 3 tastes of doughnuts. Our favorite one is with salted caramel – yummy!

Address: 10 spots around the city, check the closest one.

Working hours: different, mostly 7 am – 9 pm.

Instagram: @lajkonikpiekarniaikawiarnia

Góralskie Praliny

Góralskie Praliny by @dariasyma

The biggest network of these shops/cafes is located in Zakopane. However, there are also two spots in Krakow. They serve different handmade regional chocolate: highlander rosettes, blocks with Lajkonik – the symbol of Kraków, chocolate maps, and painted pralines. Pączki are likewise quite good here.

Address: Grodzka 8, Florianska 9

Working hours: every day 7 am – 10 pm

Instagram: @goralskiepraliny.pl

Cukiernia Hawełka

This small old cafe is located on the main square straight near the entrance to the restaurant of the same name. You will find here cupcakes, shortbread cookies, croissants, cream cakes, and eclairs! Moreover, those classic doughnuts with rose jam will also be waiting for you.

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Address: Rynek Główny 34

Working hours: 7:30 am – 8 pm.

Instagram: @hawelkakrakow

Dobra Pączkarnia

Passion + tradition is how owners describe this place. Besides, the bakery serves pastries made due to the original recipe dated 1989. Here you can try both classic flavors and those untypical ones like mango-chili, Bounty, Kinder Bueno, banana-chocolate, toffee, etc.

Address: Stradomska 18, Basztowa/Lubicz, Karmelicka 8.

Working hours: different, mostly Monday – Friday 8 am – 9 pm, Saturday 9 am – 9 pm, Sunday 9 am – 8 pm.

Instagram: @dobrapaczkarnia

Where have you eaten the best doughnuts in your life? Let us know your favorite flavor and share your hot spot! Tag us on Instagram @krakowplaces.